we still fax
Jan 2021
Product design for an immersive home experience project during London’s lockdown period
Client: Ants Theatre
Material 3mm semi-transparent arcylic
Dimension 500 x 360 x 220mm
Ants Theatre - we still fax
The We Still Fax experience starts with a delivery, a day before the show. A large mysterious box contains a retro-looking FAX machine.
On the show date, plug in the fax machine, and the show begins! Through a combination of phone calls and clues printed from the machine to guide you on your way, a narrative begins to unravel, pulling you deeper to the mysteries of Universe 3.142 - a place where technological evolution has taken a very different route to our own timeline.
There are clues to solve - nothing overly difficult, but cleverly engineered to provide bursts of accomplishment as you unlock hidden compartments in the fax machine. Described as an interactive escape room meets immersive theatre, all from the comfort of your own home,
We Still Fax transported us on a journey through space, time, and alternate dimensions.
"It even made me forget about the lockdown!"
Design challenge
When the client first sought help, the fax machine was buried among the blunt, uninteresting pieces of wood. It was too shabby to radiate the thrilling concept of the project. It needed an exterior that could support the heavy equipment without shaking and still bring out the fun part.
For its design, semi-transparent acrylic and color-changing LED were used in order to maintain the mysterious vibes of the project while supporting the old and heavy goods. The smog device, physical clues, emergency button, etc. are hidden in a slightly invisible way to add a fun part while following the fax machine’s guide.
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