​​​​​​​Flip Desk
Jun 2016
A flat-packed office desk
Client Opendesk
Material 12mm plywood
Dimension 1270 x 600 x 720mm
On average, office workers spend 9 hours at work each day. Privacy is often neglected in these environments, which also reduces efficiency. Also, sitting in one position for a long time is bad for posture and health.
This joint was thoughtfully designed allowing office workers to move around in order to have wider space when working. Through joints, the extra board can be adjusted for use as a partition, which also gives private space to the office workers, it can be extended for use as extra working space.
This design was selected by Opendesk members and produced on a 1:1 scale using CNC drilling machine. The design allows one table to be made from a single sheet of 12mm plywood and assembled with no screws or nails.
Designed for Opendesk

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