Artist's clothes airer
Jun 2018
A linear wall art that transforms into a laundry rack
Materials Aluminium, Iron
Dimension 900 X 600 X 70mm
The Fact
Artist's Clothes Airer is a new type of laundry rack which transforms into a piece of linear wall art when it is folded against the wall. It looks like a picture frame when it is not in use. Ideally, it can be located above the radiator, where clothes dry faster
It was found that the laundry rack is one of the most frequently used items within the home, however, people do not realise just how much it is really used. Despite its importance, it is often hidden away in the corner as it would otherwise take up too much space when not in use. It is for this reason, that the drying rack has been redefined with functional and display purposes.
The pattern has been thoughtfully designed so the user cannot overload or overlap clothes for optimum drying times, therefore the rack is as functional as it is aesthetically pleasing.
The brackets are finished with a white spray and lacquer to be camouflaged against the white wall, which allows the rack to become the focal point. The amount of clothes which can be hung on the rack is around 5kg; the same capacity of a small washing machine.
This product was recognised by Talent Lab and was prepared for its manufacturing process. The design was also got awarded by Spark International Award and Muse Award.

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